Thursday, January 15, 2009

All steamed up ... oops, I mean all fogged up ...

The weather patterns here tend to amaze me. A perfectly clear weekend, but this week has seen the valley socked in with an inversion layer - visibility down to 10 feet in some places.

It was below freezing this morning, venturing out into the heavily fogged countryside. Within 5 miles it turned to a mess of ice and white - a light misting of frost and snow on everything. Some brief patches were clear, but then came the beauty - some 20 miles away in Ashland, where the sun was shining in a clear blue sky and the curtain of fog left behind, the rising golden sun ahead. But all was white, and shimmering like a romantic picture book.

Then, retreating back into the fog again, I was hoping to get some great shots at the local wildlife refuge pond of the white surrounds, but the ground was clear. However, all was mystical, as not a thing was stirring.

I'll go back another day, when the sun is out.