Friday, September 4, 2009

What a magnificent creature an Elk is!

Well, I guess I knew there were deer, but guess I forgot that there were more critters like that. Caribou, Moose, Elk and I bet there are more.

I became acquainted with elk on the July trip to the Northern coast of California. They are as big as horses, and to see the herds grazing freely and quietly is quite a sight.

The buck has scars, and was protective of his harem.

I think I got some good shots. What do you think?

Baby Skunks!

Sorry this isn't a clearer picture - at sunset a family of skunks were scrounging around for bugs and things. I was in my car, on the ranch, but wary - as you might imagine. So didn't want to get too close.

These were the CUTEST things!

4 little ones with their Mother. They set out in single file across the grass airstrip on the ranch, and we wondered what they were. The Mother kept counting them and hustling them single file ... but one kept making a break for it! He was SO funny. I am SURE he was a he, he was just too headstrong and energetic. After a while he scooted off to the pond. I think the Mother gave up.

This was in June I think.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

What to do when temperatures hit 100+? Udderly cool!

The weather in the Rogue Valley amazes me in summer. I may have said so before.

Going to work at 7.30am, I have low heat on to take the coolness out of the air. But going home at 5.30pm is a different story - with temperatures hitting in the upper scale of 100 to 110, my airconditioning is on high.

However clear heat and blue skies prevail. If you leave fabric furniture or other things outdoors you don't need to worry as the rain has all but gone usually, for months. This year, 2009, we have had more thunderstorms than last. But they are rare, though often come in batches on a daily basis.

There are so many lakes, rivers, creeks, and more here, that watersports are enjoyed by all.

It's nice to know that when the temperatures are in the upper part of 100-110, there usually is some form of water to sink into.

... just outside of Jacksonville, Historic town in the Rogue Valley.

A bear! In the wild!

Well, I must say ... in a million years I never expected to see a bear in the 'wild'.

4th July weekend went to the Northern California Coast as far as Eureka. Yeah ... I know ... it's not Southern Oregon - but it's close enough!

Misty, fog-laden country. Over 100 degrees only a few miles inland, and in the Rogue Valley, but barely over the 50s, in the low 60s along the coast. Which explains exactly why and how the Redwoods thrive in this area. As I listen to the weather forecasts each day the coast is rarely out of fog and 'overcast' conditions. Though, indeed, it is a magical and mystical place.

One one sojourn we were venturing through the giant redwoods on a mere track, towards the beach to view 'Fern Gully', when I looked to my right ... OMG! A bear poked it's head up over a log not more than 20 feet away.

We reversed back, and it was down behind the log again, so some little clucking noises got it to peek back up again.

The light was SO dim amongst these giants of the land, that I knew I had little chance of capturing this wonderful creature in his habitat. However - adjusting the light has bought him/her out from the blurry surrounds. Here it is! Proof I saw a REAL bear!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring in the valley...

Inspired by spring ... out for a spring drive yesterday around the valley, and spied this Robin.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

All steamed up ... oops, I mean all fogged up ...

The weather patterns here tend to amaze me. A perfectly clear weekend, but this week has seen the valley socked in with an inversion layer - visibility down to 10 feet in some places.

It was below freezing this morning, venturing out into the heavily fogged countryside. Within 5 miles it turned to a mess of ice and white - a light misting of frost and snow on everything. Some brief patches were clear, but then came the beauty - some 20 miles away in Ashland, where the sun was shining in a clear blue sky and the curtain of fog left behind, the rising golden sun ahead. But all was white, and shimmering like a romantic picture book.

Then, retreating back into the fog again, I was hoping to get some great shots at the local wildlife refuge pond of the white surrounds, but the ground was clear. However, all was mystical, as not a thing was stirring.

I'll go back another day, when the sun is out.