Friday, September 4, 2009

What a magnificent creature an Elk is!

Well, I guess I knew there were deer, but guess I forgot that there were more critters like that. Caribou, Moose, Elk and I bet there are more.

I became acquainted with elk on the July trip to the Northern coast of California. They are as big as horses, and to see the herds grazing freely and quietly is quite a sight.

The buck has scars, and was protective of his harem.

I think I got some good shots. What do you think?


Carol Moore said...

Some great shots Jillian! If you ever get a chance to go up near Reedsport, Oregon. There is a elk reserve/viewing spot along the road, just before the town. Awesome place to get some great shots.

Just Me said...

Awesome Carol. They are truly magnificent creatures.


Deborah said...

Nice photos!

Just Me said...

Thanks Deborah!