Saturday, July 27, 2013

Signal Rock. Southern Oregon.

Yet another vista from Mt. Ashland. Signal Rock. It used to be a landmark guide to pioneers in this area. Some locals know it by another (unmentionable) name or two. This vista is all Southern Oregon - but only just, I think. Look right and it's California.

Baby Ospreys.

Over 100F and the 'baby' ospreys are still in their nest, not yet taken to the skies. I feel so sorry for them. They spread their wings to capture any breezes, but there is not many of those around. Magnificent birds. I love seeing them each year. A reminder than life goes on ...

Snow in July.

Snow in July? Well, it's probably not fresh snow. Mt Shasta in northern California, as seen from Mt Ashland in Oregon. Wonderful vistas taken last Sunday. Not a clear day, but stunning vistas anyway. Well worth the drive. Winter this mountain (Mt. Ashland) is the hub of snow activities, day and night.