Thursday, September 3, 2009

A bear! In the wild!

Well, I must say ... in a million years I never expected to see a bear in the 'wild'.

4th July weekend went to the Northern California Coast as far as Eureka. Yeah ... I know ... it's not Southern Oregon - but it's close enough!

Misty, fog-laden country. Over 100 degrees only a few miles inland, and in the Rogue Valley, but barely over the 50s, in the low 60s along the coast. Which explains exactly why and how the Redwoods thrive in this area. As I listen to the weather forecasts each day the coast is rarely out of fog and 'overcast' conditions. Though, indeed, it is a magical and mystical place.

One one sojourn we were venturing through the giant redwoods on a mere track, towards the beach to view 'Fern Gully', when I looked to my right ... OMG! A bear poked it's head up over a log not more than 20 feet away.

We reversed back, and it was down behind the log again, so some little clucking noises got it to peek back up again.

The light was SO dim amongst these giants of the land, that I knew I had little chance of capturing this wonderful creature in his habitat. However - adjusting the light has bought him/her out from the blurry surrounds. Here it is! Proof I saw a REAL bear!


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