Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mysterious fogs.

I always find fogs rather mysterious. I got lost crossing a road in London one night, just crossing a road - I couldn't find the other side. I tried to hire a taxi to take me home. As soon as I gave directions the cabbie would leave - they wouldn't drive through Hampstead Heath in the fog. Finally I got a cab to stop, and jumped in .... and refused to get out.

The Oregon coast is WONDERFUL. But I get disappointed with photo taking as it's rather foggy. Go a mile or few inland and it's 10 to 30 degrees warmer and cloudless blue skies. Without the fog, the Redwoods wouldn't grow, and I adore the Redwoods. In one last visit to the coast before winter the fog drifted in for the Sunday morning. We found ourselves driving down mysterious roads in the mysterious fog, never knowing what we would find. Roads full of cows transporting themselves to and from milkings, and crows landing on fence posts. This is one such crow/raven/black bird.