Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yet another bonus ...

As the evening sun sinks behind the mountains there is a soft glow across the skies. I am never disappointed when I look towards the top of the hill, where the sun has sunk out of sight.

This evening I can't help but capture the silhouettes of the horses on the ranch.

It's one of those sights you stop, and breathe deep, just feeling all the peace and serenity fill your entire being.

Applegate Lake

One of the most 'picture perfect' areas around here is the Applegate Lake area. I had been told of the pretty 'Applegate' area, and so drove to the town of Applegate one Sunday. Yes, it was pretty, and many places reminded me of the English countryside.

But I was not prepared for the Lakes area, which I stumbled upon a month or so later. The lake is situated in steep mountains that are heavily forested.

Definitely a summer activity place, as there are 'day areas' for swimming and such.
Now I love the beach, but to be swimming and relaxing in the water in such beautiful surroundings as this almost seems like paradise.

This photo is but one of the beautiful vistas - this is looking towards California - there is still a little snow on the distant mountain.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm not at work today, as I've gone ELK hunting ...

Not me, but my supervisor.
I'm doing a temporary job, checking helicopter parts in maintenance manuals.
She didn't come to work today, as she went elk hunting (with bow & arrows).
It's a perfectly legitimate and usual excuse for NOT coming into work.


The coast is certainly one that conjures up images of pirates. So many interesting rock formations, with legends and stories attached.
This is but one of the very scenic views.

Port Orford, early morning.

As with any coastal region, there are the boats, either waiting to go out to sea, or having gone out, come back in.
This is from Port Orford.
I love the boat's name, shining in the morning sun. The distant rocks along the coast.
Amazing to think, that this is just a 'day-trip' from the valley.

Damned BIG trees ...

Last weekend we went to the coast of Southern Oregon. To get there we had to go 'down' into California. And on the way we stopped off at a 44 acre redwood reserve - dedicated to one of the pioneers of this area. The softness of the ground and the silence was amazing, as well as the size of the trunks of the trees.
I was told there is trees 3 times this size, further down the CA coast. But those I saw were awesome.
John is at least 6' tall, so you can kinda get the idea of the size, from this photo.
A magical place, for sure.
REMINDER: Click on the photo for larger view.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Skunks, Porcupines - critter life.

I could hardly believe it when told there was a skunk getting into the cat's food on the front porch.
Do skunks exist? I've NEVER seen one.
However the next night I looked out onto the porch at dusk and there was this truly HANDSOME creature eating from the cat bowl!
I didn't know what to do. Chase it out or what? By the time I summoned help it was gone. Another time I was going around back to the carport when I saw a black and white tail disappearing over the woodpile, only about 6 feet away. So I stayed off the deck all summer long as I had NO desire to find out what one might smell like. It's good looks surprised me - I was told it was probably a young one. And everyone I talked to seemed to have a skunk in their yard here anyway. No big deal it seems.

But the skunk is no more. I was told one of the ranch dogs found it half way down the airstrip, and tossed it into the air. Poor dog rolled it's nose in the grass as it must have got a bit of a blast, before the critter was killed.

In a way I'm sad, but guess this is just how life goes. I've yet to see the coyotes. The deer are out by the cars when I leave at 6.30am every morning.

Another encounter - I thought there was a mangy dog killed on the side of the road last week, but no, it was a porcupine. I didn't get up close to it. Raccoons I see all the time as road kill.

All just part of the life here.

Still lots of smoke from the wild fires (bushfires).