Sunday, April 15, 2012

Applegate - the pink barn!

Just recently I joined Pinterest. I love it.
Pink seems to be a popular subject and so I thought I'd be on the look out for something pink.
I never expected it to come in the form of a barn (BTW - barns are popular, too! ;) ).
This barn is in Applegate valley.
A truly wonderful place to visit.
A gorgeous day for a drive today with spring busting out all over.



Cherie said...

Hi Jillian! I just saw a picture of a beautiful girl who was entered in the 1970 Miss Australia Quest (it shows up on my blog!) but cannot find the article it's attached to!

As far as Pinterest, lots of controversy over copyright stuff, and they don't want us to pin our own stuff, I don't like that at all! I'll pin my stuff (once in a while) if I want to!! LOL!

You pin me, I'll pin you! ;)

Ok, see you later, I love this blog and it's been tweeted!


Just Me said...

I don't know about the 'beautiful' bit, but could have been me. The article may be on a different blog. I didn't know Pinterest didn't want us to pin our own stuff. I do.
Thanks so much for tweeting my blog. Seems I must check comments more!!! *lol*