Saturday, August 16, 2008

As Dawn Breaks ...

As dawn breaks I immediately look to the east, as I stir softly from my evening slumber. The warm peach glow from the horizon above misted hills spreads out across the sky.
I know the day will end up being a hot one, as so many are. Yet the day starts out in the 60s, almost tricking you into thinking that maybe it won't be so hot later.
"Shhhh, come look!" I hear John say from the kitchen. Peering out of the small kitchen window into the back of the house is a four-point buck. He's still, but alert. Just when you think he's about to turn and go, he lifts a hind leg to scratch his front. A magnificent animal, not more than 20 feet away. Graceful.
He turns and so daintily steps through the dry brown grass, almost like a ballerina on points.
"Oh look! There's two!" The female is there, too, by the white fence, probably looking to get through or over this obstacle.
And thus the day on the ranch awakes ...

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