Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back to Childhood

Sunday. A day of leisure.
Breakfast of poached eggs with bacon on a huge pancake served at the old farmhouse restaurant. Where you feel like you're eating with your friends and neighbors, just 5 miles away.
But then to take the 'long way' back to the ranch. Stop off at the local wildlife reserve with at least 3 different types of dragonfly buzzing around. But mainly to pick some blackberries. They are coming into season, and I haven't really done this since I was a child. I remember my Dad looking out for me - and pushing flattened cardboard boxes into the bushes so these bushes that have a habit of attaching to anything within reach are evaded.
I loved this time with my Dad - remembering the red stained fingers from the over-ripe berries. And of course the wonderful blackberry cobblers and other treats. The time I spent with my Dad was far too short. He died of tuberculosis when I was 18.

The Rogue Valley has blackberry bushes all around, so you can go help yourself without too much effort or search - and without worrying about having been sprayed with poisons.
* * * * * * *
The photo of the deer is from a few months ago. Taken just as I was going outside to the car. I only just spied them behind John's truck. The photo shows the beautiful light here in the valley. Click for a larger view.

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