Friday, August 22, 2008

Wild Turkeys ...

I came quickly up over a hump in the country road, but was able to slow down enough so that I didn't end up with Wild Turkeys as my hood ornaments. About 8 of these less-than-handsome birds straggling across the road ahead.

They weren't in a hurry to get anywhere fast, and never even fluttered a feather. I certainly learnt that turkeys really ARE turkeys!

I was glad they crossed when they did as the other way had a blind curve as the road rose, and the next few cars coming that way would have surely cleaned them up.

There was one (or two) recently in a jaunt into the surrounding countryside, close enough to take a photo, but can't find one if I did.

These scrawny lack-luster birds aren't the prettiest subjects for a photo, but they are still a unique part of the country here.

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